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Shamanic Coaching: Discover What Your Conscious Mind Cannot Uncover

Albert Einstein once said that we can't solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them in the first place. Of all the explanations why shamanic healing is so effective, this perhaps is the most accurate because, to a large extent, we do try to solve our problems by 'thinking" about them. We focus on them, analyze them, process them and create positive affirmations to overcome them. Essentially, we attempt to "fix" our problems with the one tool we are most familiar with: our conscious mind. And then we wonder why we can't create the changes we want in our lives.

Shamanic Coaching offers powerful tools of transformation that bypass the conscious mind and allow us to get right to the heart of the matter. Within our inner knowing are the keys to our healing. Join me on a journey to discover what your conscious mind cannot uncover. That is the essence of Shamanic Coaching.

The term shamanism has been in use since the 1600s. Historically, cultures across the globe would call upon the "shaman" in their tribe or society to heal an individual who was "un-well." There is nothing "new age" about shamanism and over the last 20 years or so, the practice of shamanism has become more and more integral in modern society, offering tools for both psychological healing and for the restoration of balance in the physical body.

In the role of "Shamanic Coach," we do not call ourselves shamans. We do, however, utilize ancient, shamanic healing techniques to help our clients transform personal issues, whether they be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual - aspects of our inner "medicine wheel" that must be in balance in order for us to achieve optimal wellness. We operate from the premise that everyone has the capacity to change the circumstances of their lives and that it need not be a long process. The methods we employ are designed to help people access their own inner wisdom and intuition. As Shamanic Coaches, we help our clients open the doorway to their subconscious minds to uncover surprising solutions to their problems. We help people discover their own answers so they can take action to heal themselves. We empower through co-empowerment.

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