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Power Trance Drum Journeys
Throughout time, indigenous cultures have recognized the drum as a sacred instrument. It has been used in healing rituals, celebrations, gathering circles and to help people "cross over." It is said that the drum represents the heartbeat of Grandmother Earth. In Shamanic Coaching, the drum is a fundamental tool and coaches use it to guide clients into an altered state of consciousness. In that space, the conscious mind cannot keep up with the vibration of the drum and linear time ceases to exist. An individual is able to bypass their negative inner dialogue and conditioned thoughts, including all the "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts," that run on autopilot and sabotage their efforts to change. In that altered state, a person is able to access their authentic truth and transcend belief systems they have adopted as their own, as well as overcome the limitations and obstacles that stand in the way of their self-fulfillment.


Power Animal Drum Journey
In the world of shamanism, animals play an integral role and open the doorway to the subconscious mind. In our body of teachings, each of us has a core animal archetype that represents the essence of who we are. Most clients, upon meeting their core animal for the first time in a drum journey, speak of a strong connection they have always had with that particular animal. During a drum journey, a client has the opportunity to dialogue with their core animal and receive insights about specific problems and issues.

After the first Power Animal Drum Journey, clients may journey to meet other animals that work with them in their lives, including their:

Totem animal ~ Dream animal ~ Healer animal ~ Death animal ~ Recapitulation animal ~ Past Life animal ~ Warrior animal ~ Shadow animal

A client may have a Drum Journey for a number of purposes, including:
•  The restoration of part of their shadow.
•  To reconcile with someone (living or passed on).
•  To journey to a past life in order to transform a persistent negative pattern or block.

Crystal Healing
Crystals are powerful transmitters of energy and serve specific healing functions when placed on the body in a particular formation. We use them for the following purposes:

• To balance the energy field of a person who is feeling ungrounded or "flighty."
• To increase a person's overall level of energy.
• To shift a person's assemblage point (shift their perception of reality so they may correctly interpret their reality.)
• To read a person's chakras and determine if they are in alignment.
• To help someone overcome depression or anger.
• To send healing energy to a specific area of the body.

Thought Form Recapitulation
The mind organizes life events in a non-linear way and cannot distinguish between a negative event that happened when you were five years old and an event that happened yesterday. Therefore, any and all emotionally traumatic events in your past that remain unresolved continue to impact your emotional reactions today. Every time something happens in the present that your mind perceives as similar to the original event, you experience a similar emotional reaction. This is a problem because repeated emotional stress has a negative effect on the adrenal glands, causing them to produce too much cortisol, the hormone that regulates blood sugar and helps metabolize carbohydrates. (Cortisol is also the hormone responsible for the "fight or flight" response.) When we continue to react to unresolved past emotional issues, masked as present triggers, we are constantly on "high alert," ready to fight or flee. This causes our adrenals to produce more and more cortisol. Over time, this can create adrenal fatigue, which can be a serious health problem. Thought Form Recapitulation is a powerful healing technique that will liberate you from the emotional hooks that keep you chained to your past.


Sound Vibrational Healing
Sound healing is an ancient practice, some 5,000 years old. As part of our modern shamanic coaching toolkit, we use tuning forks to help balance a person's energy, alleviate pain and stress and create harmony within the psyche. This is a very profound and simple technique that works through sonic frequencies that have a positive effect on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person. Drums and rattles are also very effective in sound healing.


Karmic Tie Cuttings
As energy beings, we have energetic fibres that travel out and "hook" into people and places. When we are not aware of what our fibres are doing, we leave part of our fibres connected into people. This includes the significant people in our lives and the people who were negative image-makers for us and with whom we may have accumulated karma (from this or other lifetimes.) You know you have karma with someone when you keep experiencing the same outcome in your encounters with them. With a Karmic Tie Cutting, you are not "cutting away" your relationship with the person; you are "cutting away" from the karmic, toxic patterns of relating to them that leave you drained of energy. Karmic Tie Cuttings are also used to help you cut away from your own negative patterns and blocks.


Rites of Passage Ceremonies
Traditional cultures knew it was important to celebrate or "mark" a significant event or phase in someone's life. And it was equally important to help someone grieve a major loss. In modern society, we have lost all but the most basic of these rituals. Something transcendent happens when we claim our power and acknowledge ourselves for a particular accomplishment. At other times, we might have difficulty coping with a personal loss or a change we did not anticipate. A Rites of Passage Ceremony can provide a powerful vehicle for transformation, both during the difficult times and for the marking of important achievements and
major life transitions.


Book of Life Readings
A Book of Life Reading is done with Peter Balin's Xultun Mayan Tarot deck. The reading offers a person a blueprint of the next 12 months of their life, showing what is possible in the coming year and the archetypal energies they need to pay attention to. A Book of Life reading may be done at any time of the year. Some people choose the time of their birthday to have a reading as it creates a definitive marker from year to year. It also makes a wonderful birthday gift for someone.



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