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"Sonya Weir displayed sensitivity, strength, intelligence and humour in the facilitation of my personal journeys of knowledge. She led me to vast and fathomless landscapes, within and without. I learned to cultivate and trust my new relationship with Nature and her creatures.

I was so deeply affected by our work together that I made the decision to further transform my life and am now studying to becoming a shamanic coach for others.

I can't thank Sonya enough for her help on my life-changing path. She is a powerful shamanic coach."

Lily Eng, Toronto, ON


"Sonya led me on a drum journey to find my sacred power animal. During the journey I encountered my power animal and the communication we exchanged helped me gain profound insight into my life. I was deeply moved by the experience and continue to work with the awareness I gained from it.

I am sincerely grateful to Sonya for helping me on this journey, for holding a space that was strong and supportive, and for being impeccable in her guidance, wisdom and integrity."

Jon Clemson, Salt Spring Island, BC

"Sonya has a very powerful touch of passion which opens the door for a deep and meaningful connection to Spirit and to your soul."

Paige, Vancouver, BC


"Thank you for an amazing and powerful experience that touched my heart and spirit deeply. I am very grateful to have been able to do this and sincerely thank you -- your skill and spirituality and caring are awesome!"



"It is clear that Sonya is very in touch with her intuition and is a deeply gifted Shamanic coach. Every session is completely unique and I've consistently been guided to a new level of awareness and healing that I could not have reached with my conscious mind. I am truly grateful to have her as a teacher in my life."

Big Bear Sings, Salt Spring Island





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